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Solar System
Watch this 4 minute, 16 second video and wonder how the S.N.O.T.S. mindset could actually come into existence. (At 1 min. 7 sec. NASA shows the Earth to scale.) The SNOTS arrogance is off the charts!! They actually believe they own the Earth and its Inhabitants and are planning on starting an interplanetary war!! They are insane but they are also the Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex with Directed Energy Weapons and Nuclear Bombs that rip holes in the space-time structure.

S.N.O.T.S. my acronym for Socialist, Nazi, Oligarchy, Totalitarian, Syndrome, aka WHO, NWO, Great Reset, Bill Gates, Charles Schwab, CDC, FDA, Federal Cancer, et al.

NASA - Fiery Looping Rain on the Sun
Will Barkley
Will Barkley, Inventor/Engineer

Short history of this 3 website merger: Over 20 years ago I started off with a California statewide tutoring website and an online dietary supplement website. Then Freedom Farms Learning Center (FFLC) which merged into StandForFreedom-KneelToTyranny (SFF) which merged into MakeItSo. As an engineer it is my nature to provide too many details. Please forgive me! You get three websites in one
"Make It So" and "Stand For Freedom" Combined 11 Point Mission Statement

  1. Imagine a World of Truth, Freedom and Love ... Now, Make It So ... Your Own Way!!

  2. The BLESSED PROJECT ( Link to 2 page PDF, labels ) is to imbue and fill the hearts, minds and physical space of Earth's Inhabitants with the LIMITLESS ENERGY of ETERNAL LOVE. It depends on you and thousands of others using every communication method available to "GO VIRAL" globally. We intend to get 10% of Earth's population to download this PDF in 8 languages, English, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, Bengali, and Russian. To understand "How/Why" see Michael Clarage: The Light of Life /Thunderbolts. If you wish to send an informative email to your friends/relatives please download the PDF at this link (Email re: Disempowering and Nullifying the SNOTS Elitist agenda)

    You may not be aware that the U.S. Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex has been using "Remote Viewing" for decades. Ref: Stephan A. Schwartz, Opening To The Infinite, Rest assured ... the power of mass focused intention will change this physical consensus reality. This simple 2 page PDF file (labels) uses the power of mass focused intention to disempower & nullify the SNOTS malicious and harmful intentions/actions.

    Volunteer coordinators needed for each of these 8 languages.
    Volunteer advisors needed for all methods of global communication. All feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome!!! Great grandpa Will email:

  3. $25,000 USD (min.) cash prizes to the first 3 web/app developers, websites, businesses, or individuals who get a grand total of 333,000 BLESSED PROJECT PDF downloads, in any of the 8 major languages, before December 31, 2022.
    Sample video: Jack van Landingham's hilarious MSM parody
    Create a video as entertaining as Jack's, add 10 seconds at the end with the Blessed Project PDF info, in your choice of 8 languages, get it out on the internet, and you may have a prize winner!! (English, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, Bengali, Russian)

    Any additional donations to the BLESSED PROJECT escrow account will add to the total in cash prizes. Download the one page BLESSED PROJECT PDF Contest Rules here.

  4. To teach and instill in the minds of young people the basic principles of freedom. If the principles are not known, how can freedom be manifested? Define freedom! Teach it! Soon to be published: The Free Earth Manifesto (aka Quantum Living & Learning)

  5. Our unique objective (after the BLESSED PROJECT) is to develop and market Quantum Living and Learning Games that amplify our innate "placebo effect" (mind over matter) to rapidly empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to catalyze a higher spiritual awareness for humanity (See Steven Greer "Cosmic Hoax", Michael Clarage "The Light of Life", William Buhlman "The Multidimensional Game", and links below). Time is of the essence! If this objective resonates with you, please join us. Your help and participation is welcome and sorely needed if we are to succeed, in time. Need a "network coordinator" for creating a Global Freedom Network (GFN) for Quantum Living & Learning Games (QLLG).

  6. Ref: 4 min. 31 sec. video created by great grandpa Will
    Please contact me if you can create a more effective video.

  7. We seek to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by helping with funding for outstanding project proposals.

  8. In a society where Truth, Freedom and Love are predominant characteristics, innovation and entrepreneurship flourish while individual spiritual growth and empowerment follow as an awesome by-product.

  9. Ref: PDF file for grandpa Will's 2011 eBook,
    Why?...So Our Children May Know Freedom.

  10. Always bear in mind that two of the favorite tactics of the S.N.O.T.S. mindset are:
    (a) False flag attacks to distract, deceive and mislead ... creating mass fear and hatred.
    Think "How to create massive public fear and hatred of ANYONE who owns a gun."
    (b) Divide and conquer. If you claim that your truth is the one and only truth, you are helping the S.N.O.T.S. Dominators to divide and conquer.
    Make sure your truth is inclusive of others, not exclusive. Stand For Freedom/Make It So posits that Truth, Freedom and Love are the highest inclusive priority for all religious or spiritual beliefs, ethnicities, and nationalities (humanity). Holding to this priority unites, instead of dividing. Throughout history, the warmongering, fear creating S.N.O.T.S. mindset has deliberately killed countless millions of humans and others using this simple tactic.

  11. Critical to developing a culture of Truth, Freedom and Love is the understanding that Earth is a living entity, home to trillions of other living beings, not just humans. Some arrogant humans (SNOTS) believe that dominating Earth and its inhabitants is their destiny. They arrogantly claim ownership of the physical space occupied by Earth and its inhabitants. If we surrender our personal freedom and sovereignty to them, we agree to being enslaved. If you do not choose to be free, the default condition is enslavement!!

  12. There are multiple parallel paths being developed by others. Please see the links below. We urge you to check them out to see if they resonate with your own energy and desires. In a World of Truth, Freedom, and Love, the emphasis is on a spirit of cooperation to manifest and MAINTAIN a higher level of Consciousness. The S.N.O.T.S. mindset has forever been using deception and mind control techniques to create a society of lies, deception, tyranny, fear, and hatred ... for a world (or cosmos) of constant warfare. They use our own negative emotional energy to accomplish their goal of Absolute Domination! When you feel fear or hatred, what/who caused it? What positive change can we manifest in this dimension when we are full of fear and hatred?? When you feel that emotional surge of fear, anger, hatred ... know that you have been manipulated and dominated. The Blessed Project and Quantum Living & Learning Games intends to correct that, but only with your help and cooperation.

  13. In a nutshell, the E.T.s are NOT a threat to those of us who seek a World, and a Cosmos, of Truth, Freedom and Love. They are trying to help us save ourselves and the Earth from the war-mongering, Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex which embodies the S.N.O.T.S. mindset. Truth, Freedom and Love MUST prevail!! We MUST help Make It So!!
    1 hour 22 min. The Cosmic Hoax ... Please watch and BE responsible to prevent these SNOTS warmongers from starting an Interplanetary War in order to "Dominate Space".
    Dr Steven Greer, The Cosmic Hoax

Michael Clarage ( The Light of Life
Life emits light. There's proof our eyes emit light. To a physicist this is possible since all receivers are also transmitters. A radio antenna can send or receive the same signal. Rhodopsin molecules in the retinal cells absorb and emit the same visible light. Michael explains how all levels of the hierarchy communicate and exchange energy. Modern Western Medical Dogma does not recognize this.
20 min. 45 sec. video.

Michael Clarage: The Light of Life

Gerald Pollack

Gerald Pollack: Beyond Water
... What Makes the World Go Round?

At EU2015, Jerry Pollack, gave this keynote presentation describing how water contains a 4th phase which bears negative charge. When water evaporates, that 4th phase rises in the form of negatively charged aerosol droplets, while positive charge rises in the form of hydronium ions.

A Paradigm Shift Video, (as in Michael Clarage, above). Everyone who has been bamboozled by the contemporary, dogmatic "Physical Science Religion" really needs to watch this video.
41 min. 11 second video

Jon Rappoport, Creator of formidable teaching programs:

The Matrix Revealed ... Exit The Matrix ... Power Outside The Matrix

If you subscribe to ANYONE, Jon should be at the top of your list!! He is the most brilliant and fun journalist on Planet Earth, and the Grand Master of IMAGINATION, humanity's most powerful tool for creating a life centered around Truth, Freedom and Love and Fun!
Robert J. Burrowes is a man eminently qualified to be a general in our struggle to regain Freedom and nullify the SNOTS malicious intent to Dominate Earth and her Inhabitants. Below is a short quote from the link:

"Resisting Strategically

So what are the components that give the Global Elite the power to inflict its agenda upon us? These include the injections; deployment of 5G; the technologies that enable comprehensive (not just mass) surveillance, digitization (of our identity, banking, health, legal and other records to generate our personal social credit score) and robotization of the workforce; measures to restructure the global economy in favour of the mega-corporations and consolidation of ownership and control of agricultural land as well as the production, distribution and even nature of the world's food supply. It also includes the power to control the narrative by using government and corporate media and social media to promote Elite propaganda while censoring the truth.

Hence, we must resist these if we are to undermine the power of the Global Elite to control us."

Watch William Buhlman's 2 min. 33 sec. video on YouTube

"The Multidimensional Game"

from the website
This short video will give you a truly Cosmic view and awareness of All That IS !!

Note from great grandpa Will: If you believe what MSM, Main Stream Media, is funneling into your mind, this MIGHT be the antidote.
Dr. Robert Epstein: Inside Big Tech's Manipulation Machine and How to Stop It 1-1/2 hour presentation exposing Google, Facebook, et al, mission for global domination of humanity with mind control/ephemeral experiences.
Epstein-Epoch Times-Mercola Google Triple Threat.pdf

Jack van Landingham's excellent parody of Main Stream Media (MSM),
2 min. 32 sec.

Individual Empowerment with Nate and Lyra at


Note from great grandpa Will: After you enjoy the "No-It's Not Over" article, please go to Dr. Naomi Wolf's website and volunteer, or whatever moves you.

Naomi Wolf Its Not Over.pdf

The Squatter Man petroglyphs below reveal that we have been led very far from the truth by the existing dogmatic belief systems: medical, scientific, educational, religious, and political paradigms. These paradigms have all been covertly subverted by the S.N.O.T.S. mindset. Many decades ago the SNOTS apparatus cooked up the phrase "Conspiracy Theory" to obfuscate, dismiss and cover up their covert operations.

Ref: William Buhlman, above (Multi-dimensional Game)
Squatter Man
See who "They" are: The names and faces of the people who are killing humanity.
Pam Poppers

Synchronizing both hemispheres of the brain with different frequencies.

Worldwide freedom news and articles.

Contact Jack and Evelyn at:

Mark Cuban disrupting Big Pharma??

World Economic Forum

Finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts
Can Bitcoin Circumvent Economic Tyranny

Will Barkley, Beijing, November 21, 2001 wearing red sweatshirt, left side of photo.

Anthony Sutton

Thomas Jefferson told us almost 200 years ago and it is absolutely true: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." We definitely have not been vigilant, so we will pay the price!

Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743 - July 4, 1826) was the third President of the United States (1801-1809) and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776).
Another famous quote:

"If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

What if ... PDF file

The 91 page PDF file above has excerpts from my (Will Barkley's) weekly articles under the byline "Scientific and Historical Anomalies", asking "What if...?" for the fledgling newspaper, The Epoch Times, published in the S.F. Bay Area {circa 2005).

Later, in 2017, while a member of CMAC TV in Fresno, Will wanted to produce a series based on his previous articles and Michael Raduga's textbook on Out Of Body Experiences. See Raduga's website:

However, a move to Paradise, CA 9 months before the disastrous "Camp Fire" put an end to this project. The Paradise Camp Fire destroyed the town of 27,000 population and killed 85.

A friend sent me a satellite photo (supposedly) of the beginning of the fire (early morning, November 8, 2018) when the smoke was all white. When the structures started burning the smoke turned black and covered the entire valley. It was dark as midnight at noontime.

It is approximately 200 miles from Lake Tahoe, on the eastern state line, to the Pacific coastline. Look st the 2 black rectangles on the east and west sides of the rising smoke. I scaled the width of these rectangles from the 200 mile distance and the width of each is approximately 2-1/2 miles. My question is, "Who would black out (redact) these 2 areas and why?" Pacific Gas & Electric later accepted responsibility for starting the Paradise Camp Fire. Was PG&E really the cause of the fire???

Paradise Camp fire

The same question is asked in the CMAC video "FFLC Curriculum, Part 2 of 4", at the 2 minute, 50 second mark, "Who would classify (make unavailable to the public) NASA photos of the back side of the moon...and why?" See video link above. Total 4 min. 22 sec.

From Will's Vimeo site:

The Greatest Evil On The Planet is ...

Sadhguru reminds us that time is running out for all of us, and that what really matters at the end of our life is whether we lived an enhanced life. This is why it is important that we invest the time to know and live a life beyond thought and emotion.
18 min. 42 sec. video

Dog For Sale
Whether you own a dog or not, you must appreciate the efforts of this owner trying to sell her dog. Look at the picture of this lovable Chinese Mastiff and then read the sales pitch below.

Dog For Sale. Excellent guard dog.
Dog For Sale
Owner cannot afford to feed Jethro any more, as there are no more drug pushers, thieves, murderers, or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat.

Most of them knew Jethro only by his Chinese street name, Ho Lee Schitt.