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Watch this 4 minute, 16 second video and wonder how the S.N.O.T.S. mindset could actually come into existence. (At 1 min. 7 sec. NASA shows the Earth to scale.) The SNOTS arrogance is off the charts!! They actually believe they own the Earth and its Inhabitants and are planning on starting an interplanetary war!! They are insane but they are also the Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex with Directed Energy Weapons and Nuclear Bombs that rip holes in the space-time structure.

S.N.O.T.S. my acronym for Socialist, Nazi, Oligarchy, Totalitarian, Syndrome, aka WHO, NWO, Great Reset, Bill Gates, Charles Schwab, CDC, FDA, Federal Cancer, et al.

NASA - Fiery Looping Rain on the Sun
Will Barkley
Will Barkley, Inventor/Engineer

Short history of this 3 website merger: Over 20 years ago I started off with a California statewide tutoring website and an online dietary supplement website. Then Freedom Farms Learning Center (FFLC) which merged into StandForFreedom-KneelToTyranny (SFF) which merged into MakeItSo. As an engineer it is my nature to provide too many details. Please forgive me! You get three websites in one Mission Statement
  1. Imagine a World of Truth, Freedom and Love ... Now, Make It So ... Your Own Way!!

    Nonviolent Strategy to Halt the Genocide in Gaza, Liberate Palestine and Defeat the Global Technocracy
    By Robert J. Burrowes
    Global Research, January 25, 2024

    Hallel Rabin
    Refusing to serve in the army is my small act of making change

    Hello good hearted people! Great grandpa Will Barkley here with my Deathbed Disclosure, Version 3.0. It is basically a copy/paste summary of Robert J. Burrowes 24 page Global Research article. He is an amazing man of incredible courage and integrity. If humanity does not “listen up” to his message(s) and non-violent strategy I believe we will be extinct as a species in a few years. If you want a copy of my 4 page word doc 12-11-2023 and 9-23-2023 Deathbed Disclosures, NO SAFE HAVEN FOR THE EVIL, with relevant links and reading list, please email or CLICK HERE.
    I am also producing a self- hypnosis learning/healing session available on a thumb drive: “Self-Empowerment & Healing for Sovereign Beings (physical, mental, spiritual). When we KNOW that we are conscious, eternal energy beings operating physical bodies in this dimension we reclaim our personal power, becoming fearless. To download/read the entire 24 page Global Research article with clickable links: CLICK HERE.
    Here is a portion of Robert J. Burrowes message, in his own words:

  2. Imagine a World of Truth, Freedom and Love ... Now, Make It So ... Your Own Way!!

    "Everything evil in the world, related to democide ... comes from Geneva." That’s a quote from Pascal Najadi, a former banker and son of World Economic Forum (WEF) cofounder Hussain Najadi, who claims his father left the WEF "out of disgust" in the early ’80s. Hussain, founder of AmBank, one of the largest banks in Malaysia, was assassinated in Ceylon in 2013.

    Download the file Geneva: The Head Of The Snake
    Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola December 02, 2023

    Pascal Najadi is calling on the Swiss authorities to arrest the leaders of the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization and GAVI, all of which are headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as Big Tech and Big Pharma executives, for injecting a bioweapon into 5.7 billion people

    In 2022, Najadi filed criminal charges against Swiss president Alain Berset for misleading the Swiss people about the COVID shots

    Najadi has also filed a civil case against Pfizer at the New York Supreme Court for harm done to him by the Pfizer COVID injection

    GAVI, founded by Bill Gates, has diplomatic immunity in Switzerland, and its immunity clauses go beyond even that of diplomats. GAVI’s immunity covers all aspects of engagement, including criminal business dealings. They can do whatever they want without repercussions. GAVI is also completely tax exempt

    Another Gates-founded and funded organization headquartered in Geneva — the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria — also has diplomatic immunity.

    Evil has conquered Earth and the Inhabitants using lies, deception, tyranny, hatred and fear. If you don’t know this, then this information is not for you. Evil has blinded your perceptions.

    It is for Conscious Humans with an extremely strong desire to create a world of Truth, Freedom and Love by disempowering the Evil Powermongers (WEF, WHO, Gates, Soros, Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex and many others).

    Email to download the 3 page document "No Safe Haven For Evil" as an editable word doc. For a PDF file click on the link "No Safe Haven For Evil"

  3. Imagine a World of Truth, Freedom and Love ... Now, Make It So ... Your Own Way!!

    Dear Reader,       MY HIGHEST PRIORITY       April 9, 2023 (Easter holiday)

    Update: November, 2023, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich was arrested by the German government at their Tijuana, Mexico embassy when he and his wife were trying to replace their lost passports. Score a big win for the Global Elite/World Economic Forum's inhuman, criminal, global domination / transhumanist agenda.

    However you found my website or acquired my book (Amazon paperback or E-book): "Why?...So Our Children May Know Freedom", I am grateful for your attention. As I approach my 87 th birthday and making my exit from this physical dimension, my over-riding motivation is: "How can I most effectively use my remaining time to help take down the parasitic, cancerous BEAST that is consuming humanity and bio-engineering our children into transhumanist Bio-Bots (Biological Robots or slaves)?"

    The answer: Do everything possible to support Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his international legal team. When their Grand Jury returns "crimes against humanity" indictments of the Great Reset instigators and beneficiaries, we parents must be ready and willing to globally RISE UP, as Dr. Fuellmich states in the very comprehensive interview link, below: anthony-fauci---part-i/article_ad38e212-98e9-11ec-9f81-6382277afd20.html

  4. Promote "The Global Freedom Trilogy" which will disempower and nullify the malicious actions of the S.N.O.T.S. global Dominators. (Socialist-Nazi-Oligarchy-Totalitarian-Syndrome).

    Global Freedom Trilogy

    The Children's Messenger Water: Carrying the message of Truth, Freedom, Love.
    The Blessed Project Labels: Coherent focusing of intention on Limitless Energy of Love.
    Quantum Living & Learning: Interdimensional self-empowerment for Sovereign Beings.

    With your cooperation and participation we will Make It So for 240 million people in 8 languages:
    English, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, Bengali, and Russian.

    Please contact if you want to help create
    a world of Truth, Freedom and Love with the Global Freedom Trilogy.

    Other individuals/websites with the objective of creating a coherent global intention of Truth, Freedom & Love are: headquarters in Boulder Creek, CA please join this group if you are a sovereign! mission statement below:
    "As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul ..."

    This 3 part network marketing project is to imbue and fill the hearts, minds and physical space of Earth's Inhabitants with the LIMITLESS ENERGY of ETERNAL LOVE.

    We intend to get 3% of Earth's population to participate in The Global Freedom Trilogy in 8 languages, English, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, Bengali, and Russian. BTW, 3% of 8 billion is 240 million. We really need your participation to connect with this many people.

    To understand "How/Why" of The Children's Living Water see the links below:

    The 20 min. 45 second video by Michael Clarage, Chief Scientist for the Safire Project: "The Light of Life" courtesy of the website ... especially the famous water experiment by French scientist Luc Montagnier which demonstrated that water can receive and transmit emotional/spiritual/DNA messages!! (also ref: Masaru Emoto and Gerald Pollack books)

    13 min. 38 sec. Gerald Pollack: Water, Cells & Life

    24 min. 14 sec. Gerald Pollack: The 4th phase of water, EZ Water explained
    at 19 min. 30 sec. blood flow in capillaries micro video
    at 20 min. 44 sec. liquid flow through microtube micro video

  5. Please go to the Global Freedom Trilogy page to see the two other components of the Trilogy.

  6. Partner with like-minded individuals and organizations who want to participate in The Global Freedom Trilogy in order to seed the world with thousands (or millions?) of decentralized "hubs" of Community And Family Empowerment (CAFE) workshops and discussion groups with the objective of creating a World of Truth, Freedom and Love.
    Rest assured ... the power of mass focused intention can change this physical consensus reality. We only have to exercise our free will as Sovereigns, join together, and Make It So.

    Marcel Vogel designed and cut quartz crystals to focus "coherent intention" in the same manner that a laser focuses light into an extremely powerful beam. Vogel was the inventor of the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) which is the basis for modern television receivers. Young people probably do not know that the CRT (Cathode RayTube) was the original method of manufacturing television displays ... very heavy and bulky.

    Marcel Vogel said, "Love is the glue that holds the Universe together."

    Michael Clarage ( : Function In The Cosmos

    If you read nothing else, see nothing else, that I have presented here, I implore you to watch this short 16 min. 9 sec. "lesson". Hopefully, it will change your perception of reality,
    IF you are ready to do so.

    Test yourself to determine if you are part of the brainwashed bulk of humanity, or not. Watch Jack van Landingham's 2 min. 32 sec. video:. If you don't find this video to be a hilarious parody of the S.N.O.T.S. controlled mainstream media (TV), then please, just peacefully pass on by.

  7. Use the C.A.F.E template below to show our Blessed Project Trilogy partners how we can use flyers like these to connect with our friends, neighbors and co-workers ... creating a global outreach for Truth, Freedom and Love.

    Community And Family Empowerment (CAFE) Workshops

    Disturbed and upset by the loss of family values and Constitutional Rights since 2019? Want your neighborhood and community to be friendly and cooperative instead of fearful and hateful? Interested in bi-weekly discussion groups to create positive change and learn cooperative survival skills for your community? Learn how governmental entities and NGOs at all levels have been infiltrated and subverted by the criminal SNOTS mindset. Ref: author Whitney Webb: "One Nation Under Blackmail, Vol. 2."

    Email: with subject "CAFE info" and let me know if you are able to round up at least 3-6 others for a brainstorming session on one or more of the topics below (Partial list, for a more comprehensive list see Curriculum Searching for a Facility and Faculty):

    #1 Learn what effect a massive E.M.P. will have to life on Earth. EMP = Electro-Magnetic Pulse from a Class X solar flare or man-made nuclear detonations at high altitudes, destroying all electrical facilities and devices. (subject of Will Barkley book, "Pumps")
    #2 Learn to apply the principles of freedom to manifest a culture of freedom.
    #3 How do we disempower and nullify the national & global Dominators? Aka the Elitist agenda, Great Reset, Transhumanism, et al.
    #4 Review hard evidence that humanity has been led far from the truth by multiple, dogmatic and dominating paradigms. (political, educational, scientific, religious)
    #5 Why Patent #US 10,144,532 B2, dated Dec. 4, 2018 might convince you that our own government has been deceiving us regarding the energy crisis, global warming, a potential E.T. (extra-terrestrial) threat, and much more. Ref: Frederic Bastiat, The Law.
    #6 Historically, when people don't actively defend their basic freedoms, the S.N.O.T.S. Dominators take control by default. Socialist-Nazi-Oligarchy-Totalitarian-Syndrome. If you don't want to stand for freedom, please pass on by.
    Squatter Man, aka "Stickman" graphic courtesy of Pre-historical "Squatter Man" petroglyphs (rock carvings) found around the world. This graphic is the key to learning how natural electromagnetic forces can build or destroy a mountain range, create the Grand Canyon on Earth or Valles Marineris on Mars, in a day! This information is contrary to contemporary scientific, religious, educational paradigms!
    We want to live in harmony with the Cosmos..

  8. Develop and market Quantum Living and Learning Games (QLLG) that amplify our innate "placebo effect" (mind over matter) to rapidly empower sovereign individuals with the knowledge and skills to catalyze a higher spiritual awareness (Consciousness) for humanity (See Steven Greer "Cosmic Hoax",, Michael Clarage "The Light of Life", William Buhlman "The Multidimensional Game", and links).

  9. Ref: 4 min. 31 sec. video created by great grandpa Will
    Searching for a video creator to do a better job than I did.

  10. We seek to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by helping with funding for outstanding project proposals.

  11. See the 2023 Global Freedom Trilogy page on the pull down menu. In a society where Truth, Freedom and Love are predominant characteristics, individual spiritual growth (Consciousness) and empowerment flourish while innovation and entrepreneurship follow as awesome by-products.

  12. Ref: grandpa Will's 2011 book, revised with 2023 Addendum
    and Global Freedom Trilogy info.
    Why?...So Our Children May Know Freedom.

    Available Spring 2023 from and Amazon

  13. Always bear in mind that two of the favorite tactics of the S.N.O.T.S. mindset are:

    (a) False flag attacks to distract, deceive and mislead ... creating mass fear and hatred.
    Think "How to create massive public fear and hatred of ANYONE who owns a gun."

    (b) Divide and conquer. If you claim that your truth is the one and only truth, you are helping the S.N.O.T.S. Dominators to divide and conquer. Make sure your truth is inclusive of others, not exclusive. Stand For Freedom/Make It So posits that Truth, Freedom and Love are the highest inclusive priority for all religious or spiritual beliefs, ethnicities, and nationalities (humanity). Holding to this priority unites, instead of dividing. Throughout history, the warmongering, fear creating S.N.O.T.S. mindset has deliberately killed countless millions of humans and others using this simple divide and conquer tactic on non-thinking, fearful populations. The same "fear of the unknown" that keeps a person locked into the "battered spouse syndrome" keeps entire populations locked into a Submissive Syndrome. If we truly know who & what we are we do not fear the unknown.

  14. Critical to developing a culture of Truth, Freedom and Love is the understanding that Earth is a living entity, home to trillions of other living beings, not just humans. Some extremely arrogant beings (SNOTS) believe that dominating Earth and its Inhabitants is their destiny. They arrogantly claim ownership of the physical space occupied by Earth and its Inhabitants. If we surrender our personal freedom and sovereignty to them, we agree to being enslaved. If we do not consciously choose to be free and create a society of Truth, Freedom and Love, history has shown us time after time, the default condition is tyranny and enslavement!! As Sovereign Beings we were created with free will, use it or lose it.

    For those of you who are constantly looking for the "bigger picture" please take the time to watch this shocking video interview with journalist, Whitney Webb: "One Nation Under Blackmail, The Sordid Union Between Intelligence And Organized Crime" to understand that our task at hand is somewhat more "complicated" than we thought initially. This interview and her book(s) are additional proof that most of humanity has been maneuvered, manipulated and brainwashed into accepting global, criminal domination as OK. Anyone who disagrees (dissenters) are then officially classified as misinformation spreaders or "domestic terrorists."

    Whitney Webb 47 mi. 28 sec. interview "One Nation, Under Blackmail" Jimmy Dore show

  15. In a nutshell, the E.T.s are NOT a threat to those of us who seek a World, and a Cosmos, of Truth, Freedom and Love. They are trying to help us save ourselves and the Earth from the war-mongering, Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex which embodies the S.N.O.T.S. mindset. Truth, Freedom and Love MUST prevail!! We MUST help Make It So!! 1 hour 22 min. The Cosmic Hoax.

    Please watch and BE responsible to prevent these SNOTS warmongers from starting an Interplanetary War in order to "Dominate Space" as they have dominated Earth for countless millennia.

    Dr Steven Greer, The Cosmic Hoax

  16. There are 20+ links below that are parallel paths being developed by others, and all are concerned with how easily the S.N.O.T.S. conquered humanity using FEAR of a flu virus!!! We urge you to check them out to see if they resonate with your own energy and desires.

    In a World of Truth, Freedom, and Love, the emphasis is on a spirit of cooperation to manifest and MAINTAIN a higher level of Consciousness. The S.N.O.T.S. mindset has forever been using deception and mind control techniques to create a society of lies, deception, tyranny, fear, and hatred ... for a world (or cosmos) of constant warfare. They use our own negative emotional energy to accomplish their goal of Absolute Domination! (See the Old Cherokee story)

    When you feel fear or hatred, what/who caused it? What positive change can we manifest in this dimension when we are full of fear and hatred?? When you feel that emotional surge of fear, anger, hatred ... know that you have been manipulated and dominated.

    Global Freedom Trilogy

    The Children's Messenger Water: Carrying the message of Truth, Freedom, Love.
    The Blessed Project Labels: Coherent focusing of intention on Limitless Energy of Love.
    Quantum Living & Learning: Interdimensional self-empowerment for Sovereign Beings.

    With your cooperation and participation we will Make It So for 240 million people in 8 languages:
    English, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, Bengali, and Russian.

    Please contact if you want to help create
    a world of Truth, Freedom and Love with the Global Freedom Trilogy.

    Other individuals/websites with the objective of creating a coherent global intention of Truth, Freedom & Love are: headquarters in Boulder Creek, CA please join this group if you are a sovereign! mission statement below:
    "As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul ..."

Graphic below represents TAC-CAT.
Super Soldier

Humanity (7.8 Billion people) has been conquered
by the SNOTS mindset using FEAR of a flu virus!
SNOTS is the acronym I created for
Socialist. Nazi. Oligarchy. Totalitarian Syndrome

This SYNDROME is sociopathic and may be caused by
a genetic failure of the amygdala to mature normally.

Covid-19 Global Predators

ExL Games: Eleven Critical Questions.

Sociopaths Walk Among Us.

The SNOTS mindset is shared by many entities that, collectively,
I call the Multi-Headed Beast - because its objective is to control
every aspect of life and, with social engineering, to de-humanize
humanity itself.

Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav warns that the global response to COVID-19 mirrors the tactics employed in Nazi Germany to segregate Jews and other undesirables, with the intent to commit mass genocide.

Mueller's "The Great Reset"

Text of 58 minute interview with Michael Yeadon.

58 minute interview with Michael Yeadon, PhD.

Even though he seems unfamiliar with the history of Socialist takeovers, he does see the mass depopulation agenda, which is the next phase of the SNOTS mindset global conquest. (Will B. note.)

"The Worst Crime Against Humanity in History."

Rappoport "The Pandemic Pattern, How The Illusion Is Built."

Dr. Mercola interview with Patrick Wood, Technocracy News & Trends.


Socialist Technocracy (Social Engineering) has conquered the United States and the rest of the world simply by using the subtle means of psychological/technological warfare. Too subtle for most people, Americans especially, to even realize they've been scammed out of their basic Constitutional freedoms for fear of getting a flu bug !! This would have been laughable a few years ago but the decades of educational and media mind control worked, as planned.

The Socialist/Technocratic strategy: Save the bombs and bullets. Just launder their brains for a few decades. Sterile brains will readily accept TV's orchestrated fake news.

Dr. Mercola interviews Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. "Covid-19 Vaccination: Experimental Gene Therapy Under the Guise of Immunity".

COVID-19 Vaccine To Be Tested
on 6-Year-Olds
Stand For Freedom link to government vaccination coverup (Mercury/Autism) Published Thursday, June 16, 2005

"Deadly Immunity" article by R.F.K., Jr.

Self-empowerment on a global scale is the goal of ExL Games.

The Super Soldier PDF describes the technology that is already being used by the Military Technocrats. If "We The People" do not take steps to protect ourselves, our freedoms, and our families, using equivalent technology (ExL Games Trust), then we will certainly lose all that we love and hold dear, our basic freedoms to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Are you willing to Stand for Freedom for your family's future?

Brain Paths

"Super-Soldier: Military Technocrats Master The Brain"

Farmer Will
I am great grandpa Will Barkley, inventor, and mechanical engineer. The purpose of this blog is to develop virtual reality learning games, a real revolution in teaching, learning, and healing. Please subscribe to help Stop the Kneeling and Start the Standing.
Click here to watch 2-1/2 minute What If? video.
Self-Empowerment vanquishes SNOTS fear.
Video in production. Narration provided at this link for temporary viewing.

See the GFN Global Freedom Network page for a downloadable PDF file of my proposal for creating a global network of young people with the mental, emotional. and spiritual wherewithal to dissolve the most powerful combine that this earth has ever seen.

The SNOTS mindset conquered humanity using FEAR of a virus!
Virtual Reality Learning Games (ExL Games) vanquish FEAR. is creating ExL Games.

S.N.O.T.S. strategy: Create enough FEAR and the people will kneel.

V.R. Learning Games (education) is the humane cure for SNOTS created Bio-Bots.
Join (blog) to participate in the cure.
Most politicians have the Socialist.Nazi.Oligarchy.Totalitarian.Syndrome.

Great Grandpa Will warning:
The multi-headed, world dominating, S.N.O.T.S. Beast is consolidating the conquest of earth and de-humanizing of humanity under the cover of a flu virus ! !

If you know the history of S.N.O.T.S. take-overs, you know the next phase is the complete elimination of millions of dissenters like us, as in the Chinese Cultural Revolution and Stalin's purges in Russia. The S.N.O.T.S. mindset abhors dissent. Every means is being used to silence and delete dissenters. We do not have the time or the control of the world economy, media, communications, education system, and military that S.N.O.T.S. does. TODAY, we need an "end run" around the S.N.O.T.S. opposition. I am an 84-year-old inventor/mechanical engineer. If we do not think and plan "out of the box" NOW, our boxes, homes and businesses will become concentration camps.

In the meantime, start your own family's freedom education by subscribing to Jon Rappoport's, Patrick Wood's Technocracy News & Trends, , Simon Black's Sovereign Man newsletter.
Understand one of the S.N.O.T.S. favorite tactics: False Flag Attacks.
This is how S.N.O.T.S. will disarm 105 million American gun owners !

Petroglyphs from
Challenge the existing educational, scientific, political and cultural paradigms

The Squatter Man graphic shows "Squatter Man" petroglyphs which are found all around the world. The violet colored image in the upper left corner shows a plasma discharge which is produced under lab conditions. Understand the significance of the plasma and the petroglyphs and you will understand that almost all we have been taught is only applicable within an extremely limited understanding of humanity, earth, the solar system and the cosmos. We have been led very far away from the truth by multiple dogmatic belief systems. ExL Games Trust will accelerate teaching/learning the "real truth"!

Wal Thornhill: Understanding Human Nature 10 min.

Michael Clarage, PhD, Thunderbolts. Info video
Supernova and Human Body
15 min.

Diane Hennacy Powell, MD, Telepathic Savants.
She thinks it's all in the brain.
1 hr.. 25 min.

Link to Freedom Farms Videos

Please SHARE this site with your like-minded family and friends.
DO NOT share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Gmail, other truth/free speech censors.

Bear in mind that our ExL Games, using Neural Imprinting, have the capability of transforming humanity in a relatively short period of time - simply by playing Virtual Reality games!!! If we don't manifest a culture of truth and freedom for our families and children, then the multi-headed Beast will continue with its Technocratic enslavement of humanity, by default.

Link to How/Why ExL Games Neural Imprinting Enables Accelerated
Learning/Healing Capabilities by Amplifying Our Innate "Placebo Effect".

Will and Sami before the 2008 Harvest of The People's Assets by the Federal Reserve.
Must read: The Creature From Jekyll Island by Edward Griffin.
Control the money and you control the people.
Will And Sami

Will Barkley engineering resume.


Project Seed Money
for entrepreneurial women seeking seed money for a new business.

The success of this project is dependent on how quickly we can produce and distribute the first game on a global scale - North, South and Central America, Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australia, Mid-East, Africa. The SNOTS Beast is on our ass and getting ready to "chow down". If you have any better plans for derailing this Beast please tell me and I will join your team! Otherwise, a little help in connecting with and empowering tens of thousands of ExL Games players will really be appreciated in connecting with and empowering tens of thousands of ExL Games players Standing For Freedom!

Dedicated coders/programmers, graphic artists, translators, marketing experts are some of the personnel that are needed NOW! I am 84, seeking younger, more qualified "CEO".

Note: Stand For Freedom blog was born years ago as I decided to convert FFLC to a "blog" format so as to seek donations to fund the development of Virtual Realty Learning Games using "Neural Imprinting" programming. This technology magnifies our innate "Placebo Effect" to actually modify the body's physiology and the power of focused intention (Consciousness) to effect our physical dimension. Some people call this Technology Assisted Consciousness (TAC), or its inverse, Consciousness Assisted Technology (CAT). If you care about the future of humanity, please help in whatever way you can.

It takes more than money. It takes many people with the right attitude, and fortitude!

Grandpa Will's eBook written in 2011.
"Why?...So Our Children May Know Freedom".

Love and blessings to all the active truth and freedom seekers, wherever you are!!