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What will I learn today?
Individual Freedom vs Technocratic Enslavement
Your Choice: Stand for Freedom or Kneel to Tyranny?

The Choice Between Freedom or Enslavement
Action Plan
ExL Games Global Freedom Network (GFN)

Self-Empowerment on a global scale is the ultimate objective of Experiential Learning Games (ExL Games Trust)
This is a proposal to create a global network of teenagers to manifest a culture of individual freedom and sovereignty by using VR Experiential Learning Games.

The default manifestation is a culture of technocratic enslavement of these teenagers by way of cranial microchip implants or blood-borne nanochips (vaccinations).

Time is of the essence.

Our objective is to connect with the global population of approximately 1.2 billion adolescents (16% of 7.5 billion). The U.S. adolescent population is approximately 42 million (13% of 325 million). These young people are destined for technocratic enslavement (cyborgs, bio-bots) if they/we are unable to create a global culture of individual freedom and sovereignty. Most older adults have already acquiesced to slavery, kneeling to tyranny, displayed publicly by wearing useless masks, supporting idiotic "social distancing" and allowing the equivalent of Mao's Red Guards (China's Cultural Revolution) to obliterate traditional family values and culture. Same pattern of Socialist/Marxist takeover as in Russia and China, but this time, globally !!

To connect the teenage population with ExL Games we will use email marketing, and word of mouth promotional efforts. SNOTS controlled social media will censor our efforts and incite their cyborgs and bio-bots to eliminate us.

The product and service we will offer through our network is Virtual Reality Learning Games whereby we provide a revolutionary method of self-learning any skill, capability, mindset or understanding using a specific Virtual Reality Games software. Highest priority is learning the principles of freedom to help our adolescents manifest a culture of personal freedom and sovereignty.

Without understanding the principles it's impossible to manifest the reality of freedom.

This project would be deemed impossible under the best of circumstances. These are the worst of circumstances but it is a wonderful opportunity to promote homeschooling.

Government controlled education is simply Socialist political indoctrination.

We need your help and support to save our young people from enslavement. This is not a drill. Humanity is in grave danger because, in the last year, Socialist Technocracy (Social Engineering) has conquered the United States and the rest of the world simply by using the subtle means of psychological warfare. Too subtle for most people, Americans especially, to even realize they've been scammed out of their basic Constitutional freedoms for fear of getting a flu bug !! This would have been laughable a few years ago but the decades of educational and media mind control worked.

The Socialist/Technocratic strategy: Save the bombs and bullets. Just launder their brains for a few decades. Sterile brains will readily accept TV's orchestrated fake news.

What headlines will attract teenagers to our (email network) information page(s)?

Do nothing and you are already a slave!
Help the Global Freedom Network to create personal freedom!

Live life as a slave, join the crowd.
Freedom is for those who choose their own path.
Choose the Global Freedom Network and personal freedom!

Learn the principles of freedom with Experiential Learning Games.
Or, learn how to be a slave just by watching TV. You choose.

Experiential Learning Games wants your support for 17 minutes/day.
Please help us manifest the glorious experience of personal freedom.
Or, sit on your ass and live the life of a "safe & secure" slave. Your choice.

Partner with us!!

Translators needed for all major languages.

Programmers needed to code Experiential Learning Games (Virtual Reality)

Strategists and planners needed to preclude direct confrontation, which is suicidal.
If you are one, then you understand this necessity.

We need multiple adult, proactive individuals, homeschoolers, business partners and advisors who are willing and able to carry on with this mission if/when we are deleted or deactivated.

If this mission fails to manifest then personal freedom and sovereignty likely will vanish from this earth, possibly for many lifetimes. So sad.

Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743 - July 4, 1826) was the third President of the United States (1801-1809) and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776).

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." We have NOT been vigilant.

Another famous quote:

"If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." So, now we must choose to Stand For Freedom at any cost or Kneel To Tyranny in order survive as a technocratic slave.

Hello good hearted people! Great grandpa Will here with some revolutionary information to share with those who understand we are on the launching pad of a new global paradigm in learning, teaching and healing.

What if - by using Quantum Reality - Virtual Reality Games - we are able to time travel into the past or future to experience a different understanding or perspective on a specific event or process?

What if - the 5 Tees, Time Travel, Telekinesis, Telepathy and Teleportation are the emerging technologies accessible with Virtual Reality Games?

What if - with Virtual Reality Games - we could acquire a new skill-set or ability by the simple process of "remembering" the past or future lifetime when we already possess that skill-set or ability?

What if - with Virtual Reality Games - we have a means, a technology if you will, that allows us to learn any skill, upgrade our belief system, increase our level of knowledge and awareness, our worldview or mindset - to actually raise our level of consciousness?

This is the future of Experiential Learning Games, where we learn by experiencing different aspects of Quantum Reality, where we leave behind the construct of Linear Time and enter the Quantum Physical paradigm of Infinite Past and Future existing simultaneously.

This is a revolutionary method of teaching and learning any skill, capability, viewpoint, belief system, perspective or understanding!

In the text box below is the narrative for our Experiential Learning Games (ExL Games) video.

Our first "game" is based on the book Mindwalking by Nancy Eubel,

Additional Games will include:
Principles of Freedom, Psyops, Battlefield Earth, Scientific & Historical Anomalies, Cyberwarfare, Five Tees, Enhanced Consciousness, Mind/Body/Spirit Connection, Emotional/Spiritual Healing, Interdimensional Travel, etc. We can also provide "Mastery Certifications."

Why?...So Our Children May Know Freedom
(eBook by grandpa Will written in 2011. Download from Will's Info page)

Chapter 6 Problem #6

Gang rule destroys individual rights.

The "might makes right" ideology pervades our state and federal governments. They emphasize "democracy" not a "republic". An individual is one human being. A gang is two or more human beings. Here is a concept, a principle, that is so simple that a 6 year old can understand it. It is not "right" for a bully (an aggressor of any sort) to beat up another person or steal his/her property, certainly it is not "right" for two people to beat up another person or steal his/her property. If it is not "right" for two people then it is not "right" for any group, no matter the number, to violate the person or property of an individual.

So, here we have the idea, the principle, that the "rights" of the individual are sovereign, not the "rights" of the bully (aggressor) or the group. If the "rights" of the group are considered higher than the rights of the individual, then we have the concept, the principle, that "might (force) makes right". If we understand the status and authority that financial superiority might bring to bear on this type of situation we have the perversion that is a take-off on the golden rule: "He who has the gold makes the rules." Then, usually we hear "ha, ha" as though this is a humorous comment.

Why is this battle between the rights of the individual and the rights of the collective (gang) so important to me? When I was 5 years old (72 years ago) my family lived in a rural community outside the city limits of a small town in Oklahoma. There were some older kids in this community who acted like a modern day street gang. They were bigger and older (6-10 years old) than I was. From their perspective, I was obliged to do whatever they told me to do. Even at 5 years of age I was inclined not to follow the orders of a "gang". My dog, Duke, agreed with me. Every time this gang would threaten me, Duke would bare his canines and threaten them.

Duke was my army of one, my protector, my best friend in the whole world. One or more of the parents of the gang members did not like the idea that Duke and I could stand off their little gangsters. They poisoned Duke. As a 5 year old I watched in absolute grief and agony as my best friend in the whole world died a slow and extremely painful death on our front porch. This event was burned into my psyche. Even now, as I write this story, tears come to my eyes. Duke defended me but I was not able to defend Duke. Please forgive me, oldest and best friend.

Why am I writing this and who are the people I visualize as my audience? I see three groups of people:

(1) Individuals who understand and apply the principles of individual rights to everyday events. I wish these people were the majority. If this were the case I would not even be writing this book.

(2) Individuals who believe that the rights and authority of the group, the collective, the union, the government, the gang are superior to the rights of any individual. The group, whatever it is, is sovereign. Individuals are not sovereign beings. Of course, this individual gets his/her sense of self worth, power and efficacy from being the leader or member of a group. He/she is nothing more than a gang leader or member. Usually this individual will claim to be a realist, a pragmatist, a diplomat, a mediator, a negotiator, a leader with a mandate.

These are the individuals who claim to want the greatest good for the greatest number or they work for "the greater good". Today, in the waning days of the American Republic, these individuals swell the ranks of legislative and judicial bodies, and the thousands of executive branch bureaucracies listed in Chapter 4, as well as the millions of union leaders and members mentioned in Chapter 5. These individuals are collectivists, socialists, communists and gangsters who use whatever sweet sounding phrases their gangs want to hear to convince their gang that they have the right to violate any individual's rights or the rights of any other gang. After all, from their perspective, might (force, the power of the police or the military, sheer numbers or financial superiority) makes right. He who has the gold makes the rules. Ha ha.

These individuals do not comprise the majority of my audience even though they want all of us to believe that they do. These individuals want to herd and control the majority! They are power mongers. I don't need to waste my time with these people.

(3) The third group is comprised of the millions of individuals who have been, more or less, a static mass in this ages-long battle between individual rights and the rights (so-called) of the gang or collective. These individuals are the ones who comprise my primary audience. If you are in this group, I am writing this book for you. If, throughout your life so far, you haven't given much thought to the importance of liberty, freedom and individual rights in your daily life, then you better listen up!

Do you belong to one or more groups? Do your groups acknowledge the Creator and the fact that morality is evidence of a spiritual existence? Are the groups to whom you have given your allegiance concerned with upholding individual rights or with upholding and enforcing their collectivist, statist, elitist ideology? Do your groups honor the principles of liberty and freedom on which the United States of America was founded? Do your groups care about morality at all or are they only concerned with making sure that their demands are fulfilled? Do your groups demand that you be given legal and financial benefits that ordinary citizens do not have? Do your groups demonstrate that equality under the law is a basic tenet of liberty?

Equality Under The Law

Today is January 11, 2011.

A few days ago, a deranged young man attacked a group of people in Tucson, Arizona. He killed 6 and wounded 14 more. He wreaked havoc on the lives of many families, including his own. He is a murderer, one of the worst types of criminals. There are laws on the books regarding how this type of criminal activity should be handled. Murderers have been killing good people since day one and they will be killing good people as long as we exist. What are some of the official government reactions to this terrible event? What are some members of the collectivist, statist, elitist media saying? They are saying that, because of this mass killing, we should create more inequality under the law. They are saying that politicians are a special class of citizen and should be provided with protection that ordinary citizens do not have and cannot afford.

If a person bent on murder and mayhem attacks a group of ordinary citizens, so be it, these people will only have the "ordinary, run of the mill" protection under the law. However, the losses, in human terms, are the same in both cases, for the ordinary people and the politicians. This is a prime example of how the collectivist mentality works, "My gang is superior to your gang and we want more legal protection than you. We are a legally superior group because we are legislators, judges, politicians, government workers, public servants, etc, etc. Equality under the law should not apply to us. Equality should only apply to ordinary citizens."

Do you go along with the idea of special classes of people requiring different treatment under the law? If so, you should stop reading because you are not in my selected audience. You are in group #2, above, and I am writing for group #3.

The success of this project is dependent on how quickly we can produce and distribute the first game on a global scale - North, South and Central America, Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australia, Mid-East, Africa. The SNOTS Beast is on our ass and getting ready to "chow down". If you have any better plans for derailing this Beast please tell me and I will join your team! Otherwise, a little help in connecting with and empowering tens of thousands of ExL Games players will really be appreciated. Dedicated coders/programmers, graphic artists, translators, marketing experts are some of the personnel that are needed NOW!

Love and blessings to all the active truth and freedom seekers, wherever you are!!

Solar Flare

This graphic of the sun and earth somehow helps me to let go of fear and stress.


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